A Father’s role in Effective Parenting.

Fathers play an irreplaceable role in every child’s life. This role is essential and helps shape how a child develops into an adult. Last Saturday, I spoke to Mr. Harrison “Harry Baba” Nwozo, and we discussed the role of fathers in parenting. Our conversation highlighted a range of topics and entry points for fathers committed […]


What are the correlations between the way we are parented and the way we parent? Today my guest and Mother Amb.(Dr.) Kema Chikwe and I discussed reflective parenting and how our experiences have affected the parents we are today. Videos are posted on my Instagram account @somachi_k, but I’ll share what I learned from speaking […]


Young Me: Daddy, can I go to….. Daddy (before I finish my sentence): No This was the story of my life growing up. At some point, I stopped asking to go out and accepted my fate at home. My older brother and sister are nine and seven years older than me, respectively. They went off […]


Do you ever wonder if you are a good parent? Do you ever question your parenting skills and the decisions you make concerning your children and their future? Knowing your child’s future correlates directly with your parenting skills can be overwhelming, right? I always question my role as a mother and as a parent. Mainly […]

Ermm…Can we reschedule?

Last Night! “Mum, don’t forget tomorrow is Back to School Night” says DK2 and goes to bed. Lucky him, he gets to go to bed while I battle with guilt, being judged and perks of poor planning as I send emails cancelling scheduled events, so I can attend Back to School Night. I really had […]


Recently my bookclub read The Sea of Island Women by Lisa See. Great book, throughly enjoyed the novel. The story is of two best friends Mi Ja and Young-sook ; and their friendship through the travails of Jeju Island. Their relationship was strained and eventually destroyed  by war, deaths, family alliances, distance and unforgiveness.  While I […]

Raising Teenagers

Just got off the phone with my sons who are away at a Summer Leadership Program. I love having all my children under the same roof but they are growing and living their lives. I have really bad separation anxiety so it has not been an easy 48 hours. LOL!.A good parent knows when to […]

Having fun should not be a reward!

For spring break, my sons and I found ourselves on a last minute trip to Disneyland. When the logistics were finalised and we were en route to the airport, the kids were ecstatic. In the midst of their excitement, I felt numb. Zero excitement. I attributed my numbness to the last minute packing and planning […]

Distance From Here To My Comfort Zone!

So apparently, the comfort zone is not the place to be. Like seriously, there are endless books, articles, movies and talks explaining why the comfort zone is not the best hangout spot. I totally get the reasoning but I struggle with assessing when I am in or out of my comfort zone. No, the comfort […]

5 Reasons I am a Journal Addict.

There are a million and one reasons why I love journals …and organizers but I will share the top 5 reasons why I currently have 4 journals and counting. Why I am a Journal Addict: Reason 1: Writing down my goals, plans, tasks, bills and ideas is half the work done. Before I write down […]