Brave Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani

In between my Bookclub monthly books, I read a lot. From books to journals to magazines to articles. I love to learn and I love to have an understanding of all things. I was led to this book by a sponsored IG post. I remember scrolling through Instagram, and the range of emotions Instagram offers. […]

My Sister The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

The Books and Desserts Book Club read My Sister the Serial Killer last month. We are on to theApril book but I am still trying to understand Korede. Korede’s character speaks to a behavioural trait that I have seen in many people and even in myself. We set moral standards that accommodate our character and […]

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Reading Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” was a memorable and beautiful experience. Truth be told, I was too much of a Barack Obama fan that I rarely kept up with the rest of the Obama family. So, Michelle’s story was my first time up, close and personal with an absolutely amazing woman. Her book was also […]

Books Speak!

From my desk at work to next to my Starbucks Coffee, to popping out of my Mak Nisy Bag at the Walmart -Michelle Obama’s Book “Becoming” has started more conversations than I anticipated, triggered a range of facial expressions and even made folks let out sounds I am yet to understand. #ThePersonalisPolitical Becoming is my […]