Happy New Year! How is the year going so far? Unfortunately, I am still dealing with some 2019 issues – fatigue and weight gain. I had way too much fun over the holidays, and like everything else, I am dealing with the consequences. In 2019, I wanted to publish my book, launch an education-related business, […]

The Mum “needed”

Am I the only mother that wonders what her children think of her parenting style? I believe I have a great relationship with my children but there are times they look at me and I know without a doubt they are asking God, why?  Am I really bothered with that look? Truth be told, sometimes […]

Having fun should not be a reward!

For spring break, my sons and I found ourselves on a last minute trip to Disneyland. When the logistics were finalised and we were en route to the airport, the kids were ecstatic. In the midst of their excitement, I felt numb. Zero excitement. I attributed my numbness to the last minute packing and planning […]

April is Autism Awareness Month

My son had a speech delay and started speaking at about 3/4 years old after two years of therapy. I prayed a lot but beyond seeking a miracle, I sought clarity, wisdom and strength for the journey. He was diagnosed in, out and around the autism spectrum and each meeting with his therapist and/or assessment […]

Distance From Here To My Comfort Zone!

So apparently, the comfort zone is not the place to be. Like seriously, there are endless books, articles, movies and talks explaining why the comfort zone is not the best hangout spot. I totally get the reasoning but I struggle with assessing when I am in or out of my comfort zone. No, the comfort […]

All for Pizza

So my oldest ordered a large pepperoni pizza and triggered off an absolutely entertaining evening for me.  I have four sons 17, 16, 12 and 9. Unique individuals but they share a common gift of resilience, comedy and intense play. My other three sons tried to hustle a slice of pizza but C1 was determined […]

5 Reasons I am a Journal Addict.

There are a million and one reasons why I love journals …and organizers but I will share the top 5 reasons why I currently have 4 journals and counting. Why I am a Journal Addict: Reason 1: Writing down my goals, plans, tasks, bills and ideas is half the work done. Before I write down […]

New Year Resolutions. Yay or Nay?

I used to be that girl that started writing down my New Year resolution in October. I’d even postpone events and necessary action to January 1st. I’m also a Journal kinda girl (if you love me-get me a journal). So I would write down my goals for the upcoming year, habits I would love to […]