Hi Everyone,

I am Somachi.

First of all, I am a child of God. Loving and glorifying God gives me purpose, strength and a joy so deep that makes life always beautiful. I was born Catholic, became Pentecostal when I got married and when I got divorced, a series of events led me back to the Catholic Church. Truth be told, my years in the pentecostal faith gave me a deeper understanding of God and that knowledge helped me embrace and love Catholicism. However, I believe religion is man made and my focus is on my relationship with God and not the church.

Next I am a Mom of four amazing young men (Delta Knights). They keep me busy, make me happy and inspire me to be a better person. They are all so unique and watching them grow from babies to men is a gift, I will forever be grateful for. My sons all have unique but strong characters but despite all efforts to overwhelm me, I remain the Boss Lady – Queen of the Delta Knights

I am also a reader. I love books, I love reading, I love journals, I love writing, I love words, I love bookstores.I love libraries. Five years ago, a friend and I started the Books and Desserts Book Club – a women-only book club. While in Nigeria, I also started The Candy Reading Club and The Read to Lead Book Club for children. I love how books take people on adventures to places they never knew existed and introduce them to people they never expected.

My favourite thing to do is to spend time with family, friends and folks who end up being family and friends. I am a people’s person. I love life and I love to see the beauty in life’s experiences. My journey through life has been extremely eventful and the intricacies of daily life amuse and intrigue me. I’m that lady that sits in traffic wondering where everyone is going to or wonders what goes on behind the windows of homes.

I am too loud to be an introvert and too shy to be an extrovert. Yeah, I am one of those. I love to go out, attend events and meet new people though. I hope to share my experiences as I go on more adventures and attend events around me.

Why did I start a blog? Good Question!  I am a sharer, I love to share stories and experiences. I love to compare ideas and encourage others. So a blog seemed like a great idea. 

I am Somachi : fun and funny (sometimes), cheerful, positive and passionate. I really hope you enjoy reading my posts.