Happy New Year!

How is the year going so far? Unfortunately, I am still dealing with some 2019 issues – fatigue and weight gain. I had way too much fun over the holidays, and like everything else, I am dealing with the consequences.

In 2019, I wanted to publish my book, launch an education-related business, and get another degree but guess what I didn’t. Did that make 2019 a bad or good year? It all depends on your looking glass. 2019 was an excellent year for me, regardless. Rather than dwell on uncompleted goals, I chose to count my blessings and focus on my wins.

In 2019, I thrived !!!! How does one post this on Social Media or get an award for it? LOL! Life is not easy, and making it through 12 months in great spirit is a significant accomplishment. Right? Sometimes our greatest victories may not be tangible or for public consumption/social media-ready. I thrived in 2019 – that was my most significant win.

I successfully went through life’s challenges with no burns and scars. I was in good spirit from January 1st to December 31st. Some situations were all up in my face, literally challenging me to respond, and I laughed, shut it down real quick, and moved on. For me, all these moments were “Mama. I made it” moments, I was incredibly proud of my maturity, focus, and determination to be happy against all the odds. Previous years, my life was a roller coaster – I was unpredictable even to myself. I would act/react and spend hours wondering why. I had zero control of my heart and mind. Not anymore. I am 100% in control, and you should be too.

No one should have authority over your attitudes, feelings, and emotions. One of the gifts of turning 40 was I took full control of my life. I got into the driver’s seat, put on my seat belt, and drove. After taking full control of myself, I took the time to know myself. Who am I? I wanted to know who I was as a person because I knew myself as a Wife now Ex-Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Employer, Employee, Association Exec, Association Member and so on but for how long would I define myself by the roles I play? Don’t get me wrong, the roles we play matter, but I see them more as complementing who we are and not who we are. Get me?

Knowing who I was took a lot of prayers, and anyone who has gone on such a soul-searching journey knows its tough. God will reveal your nasty sides to you, things you have hidden, and lived in denial about but as a merciful father; He will also reveal how perfect you are. After all, we are a reflection of God, right? Oh, what joy, when I realized how beautiful I was – in and out. I rarely wear make-up as I became obsessed with my bare face (okay, I digress) Knowing me was definitely a 2019 highlight. After this remarkable experience, I had fewer regrets because I shed off irrational and casual behaviors. Being intentional finally made sense. Your morning is when you wake up. Being intentional has been trending for a while, but how can one be intentional when you are not in full control of your life? I am now comfortably intentional.

With a solid state of mind, I think I am ready to re-explore my 2019 goals in 2020. It will be easy as I was half-way done; I just lacked the confidence to proceed. It happens to the best of us. Don’t stress over your pending projects. The God that generated that great idea in you will be faithful to see that idea to fruition. Recently, a friend sent me a write-up to review, then asked if it was good or bad? I told her that in 2020, there would be no good or bad for us. Will we just do it? If it fails, we learn but no room for overthinking and over-analyzing great ideas. I hope you are taking notes? LOL!

Also, my fellow parents-Man proposes, God disposes, right? How many times in 2019 did I set out to blog or work on a project, and my children’s needs were immediately prioritized. From editing college essays to cooking Okra soup (after much begging), it isn’t very easy to have the uninterrupted attention needed to accomplish our personal tasks. I am not complaining ooo, by God’s grace, my son is off to college this year, and I am ready to love him up at him 24/7 because my baby is now a man and will be heading out soon. (I digress again). Same with my sons, I adore them deeply.

As we set out to have a magnificent 2020, take some time out and regain yourself. Celebrated accomplishments are fantastic, but your mental and emotional health is much more critical. Don’t build your empire on shaking emotions. Know thyself, Be strong in the Lord and take charge of your life, then build your empire. Do you already have an empire? Take time out to strengthen your core. With a refreshed sense of self, your 2020 journey will be more productive and impactful.

Pace yourself. Be flexible. Pray. Be Content. Be Happy. Laugh. Smile. Be Grateful. Worship. Journal. Party. Sleep. Work Hard. Thank God.

Cheers to 2020. God will guide you, protect you, and bless you with all you need to remain a success. Every day of 2020 will be blessed for you. There will be days filled with tears but your joy will be expedited. There will also be amazing days, be humble and grateful. God’s grace will always be sufficient for you. Happy New Year….again.

P.S. My blog entries are not scripted; I literally let my heart flow through my typing fingers. I may briefly touch on topics. If you would like to discuss any topic mentioned, please send me a DM on IG @Somachi_K. God bless you.


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