Books Speak!

From my desk at work to next to my Starbucks Coffee, to popping out of my Mak Nisy Bag at the Walmart -Michelle Obama’s Book “Becoming” has started more conversations than I anticipated, triggered a range of facial expressions and even made folks let out sounds I am yet to understand.


Becoming is my book club’s February book and no better time to read this exceptional book that the beginning of the year, my 40th year. The beginning of a phase of my life where I am in control and in charge.

Knowing me is knowing a vocal person. You rarely need to wonder what’s on my mind because I will say it – loud and clear, trying my best to be accommodating mostly out of respect for other people’s views and beliefs. I have always felt you had to speak to be heard and maybe speak loudly to be acknowledged….but this book made me rethink.

Books speak. Books speak of your intent, your journey, your beliefs, your dreams, your hopes…..books speak and tell who you are.

What are you reading? Is your book speaking? What is it saying?

Moving forward, I may not be as vocal but I will keep speaking. Get it?

P.S. Yeah, I love Walmart but we will discuss that another day.

1 thought on “Books Speak!

  1. This is it. I’m looking forward to more blog posts about realities with a doze of humour. Thank you for achieving this blog goal. It’s a breath of fresh air and I’m literally up to date with all your post. Keep speaking, Somachi.

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