New Year Resolutions. Yay or Nay?

I used to be that girl that started writing down my New Year resolution in October. I’d even postpone events and necessary action to January 1st. I’m also a Journal kinda girl (if you love me-get me a journal). So I would write down my goals for the upcoming year, habits I would love to drop or in some cases adopt, places I would love to go and things I would love to accomplish. Sounds all good….. but didn’t work for me!

Being a Journal Girl comes with an obsessive need to check off from your list of tasks, to-dos, goals and aspirations. For me, I became really obsessed with doing “that” which I said I would do. Nothing else really mattered and if it started to matter, it better be connected to whats on my New Year resolution list. This would be the routine till March, and then it was back to life living me and not me living life…..this would go on till October/November then yet another resolute plan for the upcoming year starts.

Are you dizzy reading? Well, I was dizzy too, who wouldn’t be in a whirlwind of decisions and procrastinations. The thing about New Year resolutions, is that life happens. You set out to achieve this and that, but something happens. That something can rewind, pause or even fast forward your life. That something is beyond your control, unexpected and shakes it all up.


So yeah, I stopped the New Year Resolutions and decided to live my life. To do the right thing at the right time and be the best I can be. Did I live life or did life still live me? The latter. That year still remains a blur in my mind. It went by so fast, I was like geeeezzzzz….what happened? I was a bit confused. New Year Resolutions didn’t perfect my year and Not making New Year Resolutions even made it worse. So whats the solution???

For me, the solution was to define myself. Who is Somachi? What are her strengths? what are her weaknesses? What is her purpose on earth? What has God called her to-do? What makes her happy? …and what makes her Sad? When she leaves for heaven, what does she want to be remembered for? The hard questions-that’s where I found my solution. With the answers I came up with (yet to answer some)-I was blessed with the clarity and focus I need to live my life as God designed.

Now, I start my year with gratitude and spiritual preparedness. I don’t know what the year holds but I’m ready and my #bringiton attitude is activated. Answering the hard questions above keep me guided and so I really dont need a date to press play on living my best life.

Last week (my bookclub-The Books and Desserts Book Club) did come up with steps to guide us in 2019:

Step 1:Find your lane
Step 2:Stay in your lane and focus
Step 3:Be intentional and Take Action
Step 4:Consistency
Step 5:Growth

This can be activated any day but if you need a New Year Guide – its all yours.

In my language, Igbo, there is a saying: Your morning is when you wake up!!! I don’t know what you do or what your dreams are but all you need to start is you! New Years and birthdays make our big idea more memorable but hey….again, your morning is when you wake up!

Are we on the same page? Thoughts?


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  1. Awesomeeeeeeeeee!

    Being a Journal Girl too, I can do relate! The things to do list, the fulfilment of checking stuff off, three frustration of not meeting stuff, then the hilariousness of carrying over resolutions! Lol! Yup. We are on the same page! Lol

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